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Brno: The city of medical research

Brno is leading innovations center and technological hub of Czech Republic.

Medical researchers are joined in CEITEC which provided advanced materials and instruments for special treatment and everyday usage.

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Masaryk University - group of students Brno

Over 1000 doctors graduates from Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University

To advance their learning they have cutting-learning center. The Simulation center is equipped as real hospital with operating theatres on the clinical floor, intensive care units, even heliport on the roof. It is the most advanced center in the republic. Students from other universities are going here for practical education.

Brno university campus - nightphoto

Long tradition of pioneers

Brno is the city of knowledge with Masaryk University Faculty of Medicine  being active for more than 100 years. Exceptional healthcare in our region is possible also because of long tradition of pioneers from different medical fields. Check out past achievements of Brno’s medicine bellow.

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