They understand your struggle

The psychological pressure of trying to get pregnant is enormous. Whatever you’re going through, the staff at Brno’s clinics are here to help. The genetic and fertility programmes here rank among the best in Central Europe. Brno’s best-in-class IVF programmes offer you every chance of success.

With cutting-edge methods their success rates are breath-taking. But they have something even more valuable. They have empathy.


Emotional support

Dedicated staff members will make your emotional needs their number-one priority. You’ll feel safe and understood at all times.


State-of the-art

From diagnosis to implantation, all clinics in Brno use state-of-the-art methods and equipment. Giving you peace of mind.


High success rates

The average success rate across Brno’s clinics is an impressive 67%.


Welcoming surroundings

With its cultural and leisure activities Brno is ranked by Time Out as the second-best city to visit in Europe. And it’s just a 1-hour drive from Vienna.