No more discomfort

Why put up with glasses and contact lenses? Transform your eyesight with unrivalled laser treatment in the beautiful surrounds of historic Brno. Since 1994, Brno has been regarded as a leading centre of refractive, cataract and intraocular eye surgery worldwide.

Ophthalmology specialists in Brno will make sure that you will be able to see all beautiful places and landscapes Brno can offer during your stay.


State-of-the-art technology

Corrective treatment of eye conditions requires the highest level of medical care. Our clinics use only the most advanced methods and equipment.


Individualised treatment

Understandably, there’s much anxiety around eye surgery. The experienced medical staff at Brno’s clinics will ensure you have the utmost comfort at every stage.


Care built on expertise

Brno enjoys a rich tradition of innovation in eye laser surgery, with the first PRK procedure in children pioneered here.


Welcoming surroundings

Brno is the 30th safest place in the world. Stay at premium hotels with all-inclusive medical packages.