World-class cardiology care

The interventional coronary unit at Czech Medical Centre in Brno specialises in the treatment and prevention of coronary disease. Each year, the unit performs thousands of coronary artery examinations, percutaneous coronary interventions and radiofrequency ablations for the treatment of arrhythmias.

Brno’s cardiology specialists are one of the most educated professionals from the field. Your heart will be in good hands.


Prestigious center

Czech Medical Centre is a member of a number of prestigious international cardiology organisations.


Vast experience

The centre performs 3000-4000 interventions each year. Rest assured, you’re in the most experienced of hands.


In-hospital care

All operations and procedures are carried out at University Hospital Brno with post-operative care continuing in its intensive care unit.


Welcoming surroundings

Brno is the 30th safest place in the world. Stay at premium hotels with all-inclusive medical packages.