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Success resulting from a personal approach and modern treatment methods

Reprofit International is one of the leading clinics in Central Europe in the field of reproductive medicine not only because of their high success ratio. Personal approach from coordinators and medical team combined with extensive database of quality donors is what makes Reprofit International truly one of the favourites all over the Central Europe.

To make the entire treatment more pleasant, each patient has her own coordinator. You don’t have to worry about the language barrier, because at Reprofit International you can communicate in 8 languages.

The clinic continues to maintain its quality name with the most modern methods in the field of reproductive medicine.
Embryoscope, genetics and pharmacological activation of sperm using theophylline are just a few of the many areas in which they are specialists.

Brno medical, doctor Pavel Otevrel

MUDr. Pavel Otevřel

Head of clinic

“Our goal is to use the latest medical procedures with a team of experts and to guide the couple through treatment towards the desired child as sensitively as possible. To turn love into life.”

An expert in the field of reproductive medicine with many years of experience. Pavel Otevřel has been actively engaged in reproductive medicine since 2006 and since 2013 he has been working as a leading IVF doctor at the Reprofit international clinic.

Pavel Otevřel and his team of experts rely on the most modern technologies and thus combine effective methods with an empathetic approach. This is also why the Reprofit International clinic is among the top in Europe and under his leadership achieves above-average success. Among other things, he mainly deals with the problem of reproductive aging of women.

What people say

I was patient of Reprofit three times. My husband and I have three beautiful children because of Reprofit. The service was outstanding. The medical staff was extremely knowledgeable and I felt extremely comfortable in their care. I cannot say enough great and wonderful things about this clinic! We have a beautiful family because of them.

Jennifer Jepperson-Warrell

My husband and I came from the United States, and were so thrilled to have found Reprofit. The doctors and case workers were incredibly responsive and helpful, and their technology was as good as, if not better than, what we encountered in the US with our first child, and all this at a fraction of the cost. The donor egg took on the first try, and I now have a gorgeous healthy baby, thanks to Reprofit. I highly recommend!

Lisa Gans

We struggled with pregnancy for 3 years and rather than go down the expensive and uncertain road of IVF we went for an embryo donation from Reprofit. The team was amazing and everything was world class. On our first attempt the donation worked and we have a healthy baby boy. My wife came all he way from Canada to do it and was home in a couple of days.

Judson Wright

After many years of trying and wasted money, we decided to try Reprofit. What the law doesn’t allow here (Hungary), it does there. We visited for several other reasons. It is relatively close to Budapest, they speak Hungarian and English, and it is not more expensive than the private clinics here. However, expertise and technology are light years ahead!

Béla Kádár

For us, the Reprofit clinic will forever remain not only a clinic, but a team of great doctors, nurses and coordinators who helped us to fulfil our dream in a fairly short period of time. My husband and I knew from the first consultation that we were in good hands. The approach, professionalism and humanity we met there were incredible, we looked forward to every visit. Thank you very much once again!!!

Lucie Menglerova

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