Infertility treatment

Screenings, examinations, artificial conception


Insemination, IVF with own cells, IVF with donor cells, different embryological methods

Fertility protection

in gynecological and oncogynecological diseases (social freezing)

Gynecological diseases treatment

Endometriosis, myomatosis, inflammation, chronic pain

All medical specialists under one roof

“Life begins here” is the motto that Cermed proudly adheres to under the auspices of the Brno University Hospital.

Cermed offers a comprehensive view of experienced specialists who are proud of achievements such as the first child born using the IVF method in the former Czechoslovakia. Prof. Ladislav Pilka, “the founding father” of reproductive medicine in Central Europe has been part of the Centre for Assisted Reproduction, which is today’s Cermed.

Prof. Pilka and his team were the first to use the GIFT method worldwide in 1982 and greatly contributed to the development of fertility treatment in the Czech Republic. The whole Cermed team is very proud for more than 40 years of experience of helping more than 10 000 couples make their dream come true.

The quality and interconnectedness of the workplace under the management of the Brno University Hospital is what makes Cermed special. This advantage is precisely for those, who are looking for all possible solutions under one roof.

Cermed proves its service quality by continuously achieving the highest European standards for the treatment of endometriosis. This is also confirmed by the fact that Cermed has the prestigious EuroEndoCert certification, which is also held by the best clinics in Germany and Austria.

doctor Vit Weinberger - Brno medical

doc. MUDr. Vít Weinberger, Ph.D.

Head of clinic

“The average is good, but you will never win a race with it. No one remembers the average.”

With his rich experience in the field of oncogynaecology and reproductive medicine, he provides full support to the entire Cermed team and furthermore strives to improve the overall development of gynaecology and obstetrics under the University Hospital Brno.

Since university hospitals are the hubs which gather top professionals engaged in providing highly specialised medical care as well as conducting research, Vít Weinberger does his best to raise the level of care and treatment provided in the fields of gynaecology and obstetrics in Brno, the whole region and by extension the whole country.

What people say

When I found out I couldn’t conceive naturally, it was a real blow. We had fallen in love, had a beautiful wedding and wanted to have a baby. After several months of trying, my gynaecologist examined me and found multiple cysts on my ovaries. She recommended that I go to Cermed which I did. It only took a couple of months and the beautiful doctors at Cermed helped me with my problems and I got pregnant. I also gave birth to my wonderful son David at the University Hospital Brno and became the happiest mum in the world. Thank you so much!!!

Marianne B.

I postponed having a family, there was always so much to do. Then I turned 45 and found out I couldn’t have babies any more. My ovaries simply could not produce any more eggs. Medical care in my country is not as good so I decided to travel to Brno. And I cannot thank people at Cermed enough! Not only doctors, also nurses, assistants, embryologists, psychologists – you all helped me so much! I am now 7 months pregnant and cannot wait to meet my beautiful twins!

Noor K.

Many thanks to the entire Cermed team in Brno, thanks to them I got the chance to know what it’s like to be a mom and now we have a 14-month-old baby running around. Their approach was not only professional, but mainly human and I felt that we were all pulling together and it would just work out and everything would work as it should and the baby will be.
Once again, many thanks to all of you.

Tereza K.

Complete satisfaction, nothing to complain about. Professional and perfect approach!

Michaela Musilová

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