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The top spine treatment centre in Brno

Czech Medical Centre is the largest centre for the treatment of paediatric scoliosis in Central Europe. In addition to joint and hip replacements, which are the most common surgeries performed (800 per year), the centre also specialises in spine and scoliosis surgeries, particularly degenerative spinal conditions as well as primary and metastasized spinal tumours.

The complex surgeries carried out at CMC are supported by access to the extensive facilities at University Hospital Brno, which houses 4 anaesthesiology departments, a separate transfusion ward and a cell-tissue centre.

Brno medical - doctor Martin Repko

Prof. Martin Repko, PhD.

Head of the orthopedic department, University Hospital Brno

“The secret behind our success is expertise”

When I visit clinics abroad, I always return with a feeling of gratitude for our dedicated and motivated team of doctors, anaesthetists and nurses. They truly are the backbone of our top-quality service, helping us to perform surgeries beyond the capabilities of clinicians in other countries. Our in-hospital psychologists and rehabilitation staff provide excellent care to ensure the general wellbeing of all our patients. Each unit within our department is indispensable in helping us remain exceptional in our field.

What people say

I flew to the Czech Medical Center in Brno specifically to have a knee replacement operation. After consulting with Dr. Burda, I was extremely impressed with his professionalism and expertise. I found the staff to be attentive, very caring and extremely considerate.

Pierre C. T.

I am jumping over the puddles again after the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament, thanks to the excellent performance of the team led by doctor Vališ MD., PhD., again got among the sporting part of the population. The approach of the whole team is very professional and I can recommend it to everyone.

Michal S.

Our daughter was born with a very complicated developmental defect of the spine. In our country, no one could help her, given the complexity of the case. With the help of Dr. J. Burda from CMC, we have been given the opportunity to give the daughter to operate the best expert in the field – Assoc. Prof. M. Repko MD, Ph.D., who is one of the world’s leading scoliotic surgeons. He has done an amazing job with his team, and a successful operation has allowed Simonka to start a more complete life.

Simonka’s parents

After that, what I suffered many years from terrible pain in my diagnosis „scoliosis“, I underwent surgery in the University Hospital in Brno. Now it is 3 months from the operation. I am very happy because I feel better day by day and what is the most important, the pain subsided. Thanks to God for such excellent doctors like Dr. Ciencala, Dr. Burda and the entire medical team who took care of me during and after surgery with a very human, empathetic and highly professional approach.

Margita T.

From the first day after my admission to the University Hospital Brno, with the service of Czech Medical Center, I was treated by a highly professional team of Doctors and nurses. I really appreciate the teamwork of the entire team of the orthopedic department.

Jana G.

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