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Premier Gynaecological Care in Brno

GYNMEDA clinic, located in Brno, Czech Republic, offers premier gynecological care in a discreet and comfortable environment. The clinic takes pride in providing expedited medical services, ensuring that patients can receive the necessary care within 48 hours. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from renowned German manufacturers such as Olympus, Storz Medical, Invidia, and more, GYNMEDA clinic offers advanced procedures including laparoscopy with discharge within 24 hours, conization under local anesthesia, and hysteroscopy ranging from 20 minutes to 2 hours. With a commitment to minimal wait times and efficient treatments, GYNMEDA clinic prioritizes patient health and satisfaction.

GYNMEDA has played a pivotal role in the development of medical advancements in Brno. Since 2010, the dedicated team at GYNMEDA clinic has been at the forefront of one-day operative procedures, while expert examinations and colposcopy have been their area of expertise since 2007. The clinic is proud to offer prompt and efficient care, minimizing wait times and ensuring timely medical attention for their patients. By choosing GYNMEDA clinic, individuals gain access to exceptional gynecological care delivered by experienced professionals. Experience the difference at GYNMEDA, where patient health and well-being are prioritized, and receive the quality care you deserve without unnecessary delays. Schedule an appointment today and discover a clinic which provides efficient and comprehensive gynecological care in Brno.

MUDr. Leopold Rotter, Ph.D.

Head of clinic

MUDr. Leopold Rotter, Ph.D. is a widely recognized professional in the field of gynecology. Several patients tend to visit him even from great distances. He was head of several leading clinics in Brno. After years of rich experience in the field, he felt that there was a complete lack of a family-type facility on the market with modern equipment and at the same time a very professional team. Those are the main reasons why he founded Gynmeda in 2014.

What people say

Absolutely professional approach, great doctors, everything explained, follow-up care and phone support in case of problems is 100%. I was under anesthesia for the procedure and if I ever had to deal with something like this again, I would definitely go to this clinic. Communication is always fast and clear right from the start, both by phone and e-mail. Thanks for doing your job responsibly and with respect.

Adriana Mai

I was at conization today. Dr. Rotter’s approach was absolutely amazing. He will explain everything. The procedure lasted five minutes. I didn’t feel anything, it didn’t hurt. The procedure was performed under local anesthesia. It is worth going to this clinic. The human approach of nurses. I definitely recommend it, there is nothing to worry about ūüėä

Renata Davidov√°

Great experience with Dr. Rotter and Dr. ҆pondrov√°. Approach and professionalism 5/5, everything explained in detail. Thank you.

Ivana Sokolovsk√°

I really appreciate the human approach of both the nurses and especially Dr. Sochorov√°. I am very grateful that I transferred to this clinic. You can see that they care about their patients. My big thanks to them. ‚̧ԳŹ

Simona Kuckova

Hello. Yesterday, I had my first hysteroscopy under local anesthesia at this clinic. Of course, I was a little afraid before the procedure itself. Also for the reason that I have never given birth and had no experience with anything like that. But I was pleasantly surprised. The examination by Dr. Rotter was gentle and practically painless. I would compare it to a normal gynecological examination. Apart from slight bleeding after the procedure, I did not feel any pain or other problems. I recommend it, if it is necessary to repeat this examination in the future, I will be happy to come again. The doctor calmly explained and described everything to me in a professional manner. I also thank the nurses for their human approach. Have a nice day.

Lenka Loskotov√°

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