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Hotel Termal Mušov


Geothermal water pool

Mineral water which ranks among the strongest sulfuric waters in the Czech Republic

Balneo Bath

Very beneficial for people with limb arterial disease, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, and people after hip and knee replacements


Finnish, aroma and salt sauna

Geothermal Wellness Amidst Beautiful Pálava region

Welcome to Hotel Termal Mušov, a serene escape nestled on the idyllic banks of Novomlýnské lakes. Experience the allure of Pálava’s landscape and the remarkable power of geothermal water, all in one exceptional destination.

Nature’s remedies are at your fingertips. Hotel Termal Mušov offers you the chance to embrace the innate healing prowess of the Earth itself. Let the soothing touch of local sulphurous water cleanse and rejuvenate you from within.Indulge in our Thermal Pool and Balneo Baths, where mineral-rich water with a sulfur content of 5.72 mg/l awaits. Emerging from a depth of 1,500 meters, these waters offer a neutral pH and therapeutic warmth, enveloping you in their restorative embrace.

Amidst lush gardens and relaxation zones, find serenity and rejuvenation. Meanwhile, the largest aquapark close to the hotel awaits your children’s laughter, ensuring a holistic family experience.

Delve into the captivating realm of Pálava, a haven for nature enthusiasts, wine connoisseurs, and those seeking romantic getaways. Discover cycling trails, indulge in local wines, and immerse yourself in the rich history of the region dating since the stone age, through Roman empire and much more.

What people say

The room was really spacious and clean. The food list is not very long but everything we ate during our 3 day stay was delicious. Nice view of the lake, pool is super for relaxing, really hot thermal water.

Gergely Varszegi

We were here for the first time. Balneo spa, Finnish sauna, thermal pool. Everything was great. The staff were very helpful, accommodating. Both at the reception and at the spa. We immediately booked for the next weekend. Recommend.

Dalibor Lukš

Very pleasant relaxation in the pool with sulphurous thermal water, available sauna fragrant, Finnish. Water temperature approx. 37°C. After relaxing, sit in the hotel restaurant. Pleasant environment and good service. Food excellent, fresh. Pork tenderloin sous vide, glazed onion, side dish to taste. Excellent wines.

Erny Gotz

An excellent thermal pool for about 12 people is never full and the view of Pálava from the water rich in many healing substances which is not seen just anywhere. We have been frequent visitors here for many years. Body and soul relax.

Jana Čehovská

I visit the thermal pool, new saunas – aroma, Finnish, salt I was very pleased, very pleasant relaxation that will help me on my stiff back, I am still going to order and try a massage.

Ivana Strakova

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