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Elevating beauty through expertise and comfort

Perfect Clinic is where your journey to flawless beauty begins. As a premier clinic for minimally invasive transformative plastic surgery, they pride themselves on their complex expertise and commitment to your comfort. With a focus on ambulatory procedures, Perfect Clinic’s renowned surgeons specialize in eyelid surgeries, facelifts, thread lifts, liposuction, earlobe surgeries, and other mini invasive procedures. Their brand reputation speaks for itself, as it has gained trust of countless individuals seeking exceptional results under one of the top 50 medical experts by Forbes in Czech Republic, MUDr. Roman Kufa.

Personalized care is one of their priorities, as well as consultations between experts and patient, which ensures understanding your unique aesthetic concerns and therefore tailor the ideal solution for you. Step into a serene and discreet environment, where you can feel at ease throughout your entire experience. With shorter waiting times compared to other clinics, Perfect Clinic builds on providing care without unnecessary delays. Discover the transformative power of Perfect Clinic, where expertise meets your comfort. Embark on your journey to elevated beauty today.

MUDr. Roman Kufa

Leading physician, plastic surgeon, specialist in injectable fillers

“I enjoy the uniqueness of each operation, the possibility of applying imagination, aesthetic sense, creativity. I see the satisfaction and meaning of my work not only in physical changes, but also in psychological changes, when we help people get rid of their complexes and increase their self-confidence.”

Member of the medical society Jan Evangelista Purkyně The International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS) and The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). In the past, he successfully performed microsurgery, hand surgery, and breast reconstruction of cancer patients.

He co-founded plastic surgery at the Motol Faculty Hospital, where, among other things, he was a member of a special team that performed the first operation in the Czech Republic in 2011 for the so-called Moebius syndrome.
In 2011, he obtained the title of forensic expert in the field.
He completed several internships abroad and is the author of a number of professional publications. Under the Perfect Beauty Medicine brand, it organizes workshops and congresses with international participation.

What people say

I underwent within one hour: 1. Upper eyelid surgery. Reasons: overhangs + fat bags, which probably made my eyes hurt a lot. Immediately after the operation, I felt relief in my eyes. After 10 days, I saw myself in the mirror 10 years younger and my eyes don’t hurt. Beautiful work. Scar only in a fine line which is almost negligible after a month. 2. Liposuction of the chin: I did not really believe in this change, but I definitely recommend it to everyone who is troubled by this problem. You’ll be extremely happy that you don’t look like you’re weighing a tape measure when you’re actually 65 kg. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much Dr. Kobzík.


Initially, I visited PC for an augmentation consultation. I had several consultations before, but I never had a good feeling. The first feeling at the branch in Brno was simply wow. The communication with the reception was great, the feeling of the conversation with Mr. Dr. Kobzik as well. Finally, we also agreed on blepharoplasty. For personal reasons, I postponed the augmentation until later, but I underwent the blepharoplasty recommended by the doctor on 09/21. Today, I consider this operation to be one of the best decisions. Not only with regard to aesthetics, but with regard to the feeling of better vision. If I could, the PC would have a rating of 12/10 from me. I will definitely come back again

Rebeka Šimovcová

The doctor is a wonderful and sympathetic person, he is an empathetic professional who explains everything, the care is excellent, he tried to help as much as possible in case of complications, excellent communication even via email or mobile phone. The result exceeded my expectations. Not to mention everyone at Perfect clinic, excellent attitude.


Great clinic and Mr. Kobzík’s professional approach. I actually came to him for a consultation by chance, and out of all the doctors I chose him and this clinic. He was able to capture my idea exactly. The nurses at the clinic were great and very helpful.

Vanesa Horčičák

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